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Do children with ASD acquire gestures the same way other children do?

Is it beneficial for children with ASD to be encouraged to use gestures to communicate? Find out ...READ MORE

When Is a Child Ready for Mainstreaming?

Parents face tough issues when deciding whether it's time to change schools.


Babies need free tongue movement to decipher speech sounds



Teaching Children with Asperger's to Tune in to People's eyes

Eye contact plays such an important role during social interactions and is often such a difficult skill to learn with people who are on the Spectrum.

Read more!

Parents Ignoring Speech Problems

A recent study has raised concerns about the level of parents ignoring speech problems, as reported in the Herald Sun.

Read the article here.

Communicating With Kids With Autism

"Pictures Are Better Than Sign Language" when it comes to communicating with kids with autism, according to an interesting study reported in the Huffington Post.

See the report here.

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