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We are able to conduct therapy for a group of children to enhance their communication skills. We are able to conduct play groups with a focus on language stimulation and social skills for a variety of child age ranges. We are also able to conduct parent training on language stimulation techniques.

We currently run monthly Social Skills groups at our clinic for 5-6 children for the following:

We also run Social Pairings for children consisting of 2 children which focuses on play skills, social interaction, and functional communication skills. Problem solving during social interactions is the focus during these pairings such as knowing when to respond and how to respond with another child.

We also are able to provide group therapy to enhance an adolescent's communication skills. This may involve social skills training, language therapy, or presentation skills. If you know of someone who would benefit from group work, or have a number of students that would be suitable for a group, contact us for a program!

We run School Holiday intensives including:

We are able to conduct group training or in services on communication and swallowing to a number of people at your business site or for recreation purposes.

We are able to provide training to staff on voice care and use for businesses where staff have vocally demanding positions such as talking on the telephone, above background noise, or for long periods of time throughout the day. We are also able to provide training in body language and presentations skills to ensure your business is projecting the right message to your customers.

If you are interested in starting or attending one of our groups please contact us for further information or check our downloads page for any available brochures.

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