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Autism Benefits


Under Six Years of Age

If a child is diagnosed with ASD by a Paediatrician or Psychologist they can then be referred to an Autism Advisor through FahCSIA. If they are deemed eligible to access the service, they will receive funding of up to $12,000 (maximum of $6,000 per financial year) to access Early Intervention Services which can can be accessed until the child's 7th birthday.

Helping Children with Autism Plan

Up to Fifteen Years of Age

A child diagnosed with ASD can receive up to 4 assessments and 20 rebated sessions through Medicare throughout the child’s lifespan. A Paediatrician or Psychologist must be seen in order to be eligible for the plan. Also the plan must be given before 13 years of age to be eligible for it.

Chronic Disease Managment Plan

Any Age

A GP determines eligibility for 5 rebated sessions through Medicare, which can be obtained each calendar year.

Mental Health Plan

Any Age

(Please note this cannot be used for Speech Pathology)
A GP determines eligibility for 10 rebated sessions through Medicare. An additional 6 can be given due to “exceptional circumstances” which is determined by the GP who gives the plan. This plan can be given each calendar year.

Private Health Insurance

Any Age

If your Private Health covers Speech Pathology you are also able to claim through them. The amount is dependent on the individuals health fund.

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