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Social Skills

Everytime a child communicates with someone they use a wide range of social skills. Social skills helps us to get our message across to someone.

Some examples of Social Skills that are important are:

  • Gaining someone's attention
  • Listening to a speaker
  • Asking for or giving an object to someone
  • Using body language and eye contact
  • Sharing an activity
  • Taking turns in a conversation
  • Using words to express wants and needs
  • Team building and resolving conflicts

Some children find it difficult to interact with other children and this can significantly impact on the building of friendships and learning the skills necessary for future socialisation. Difficulties developing social skills can also lead to bullying and negative schooling experiences.

Social Skills vary depending on who a child is interacting with. A child to child interaction is significantly different to an adult to child interaction. Social skills will also vary depending on the environment the child is in, i.e. school verses home. At All Communication Matters we take into account these differences and work not only at the individual level but also at the group level and focus on the transition of skills learnt into the home and school environment.

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