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Infants sometimes experience difficulties feeding when they are being breast or bottle fed. Young children may experience difficulties eating or drinking at mealtimes as well.

Some feeding difficulties are listed below:

For Infants:

  • Positioning difficulties
  • Difficulties attaching to the breast
  • Muscle weakness around the jaw, lips, or tongue
  • Swallowing difficulties such as food going down the wrong way

For Young Children:

  • Messy eater from reduced lip closure
  • Difficulties using the tongue to clean the mouth
  • Difficulty chewing solids
  • Food/Fluid going into the nose

If you feel that your child is having difficulty at mealtimes it is important that they are seen by their GP who is able to refer to a Speech Pathologist for further swallowing assessment. From this we are able to provide advice and intervention on your child's swallowing skills.

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