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We are highly trained in child communication and swallowing development. We are Hanen Certified Speech Pathologists who believe in a fun, dynamic, and highly interactive approach to help children with a range of communication and swallowing difficulties. We strongly believe in a positive and emotive learning environment which allows children to express their thoughts and feelings freely. Our interventions are governed by the latest research into childhood communication difficulties and we use a range of multimodal techniques the ensure progress occurs at an optimal rate.

We have experience in working children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder and a range of complex communication difficulties. We are FahCSIA and Better Start early intervention providers who are highly trained in intervention approaches such as Hanen, SCERTS, DIR floortime, Makaton/ Auslan sign language, Social Thinking Model, and Social Stories to name a few. We use a child centered approach which involves working closely with families and significant others in a child’s life. Our goals are aimed at flexible and functional communication.

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