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Social Skills

A person interacts regularly with other people. It may be at a shop when paying the shopkeeper, or it may be when answering the phone at home. During these interactions we use a wide range of social skills. Social skills are how a person gets their message across to someone.

Some examples of Social Skills are:

  • Using eye contact
  • Listening to a speaker
  • Asking for or giving an object to someone
  • Using body language
  • Sharing an activity
  • Taking turns in a conversation

Some people find it difficult to interact with others and this can significantly impact on the building of friendships and learning the skills necessary for future socialisation and the workforce. Difficulties developing social skills can also lead to bullying, negative schooling, and work experiences.

Social Skills training is an effective way to improve the quality of life a person who is having difficulties when interacting with others. This may occur on a group or individual basis.

We also provide corporate Social Skills training to ensure that staff are achieving good customer service and have an excellent morale while working. This will lead to greater staff confidence and will aid in staff retention.

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