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Personal and Professional

I have been involved with All Communication Matters for three years in both a personal and professional manner. My own children have both received ongoing assessments and intervention from Natalie and Laura, who have always been compassionate and encouraging with children whilst retaining a constant goal-oriented manner. The speech pathologists at All Communication Matters provide excellent assessments of underlying speech difficulties and demonstrate an enhanced and comprehensive knowledge. They are extremely approachable and able to effectively communicate each child’s needs in a manner that is easily understood by parents who have little experience in this area. I have been so impressed by All Communication Matters that I recently requested that this organisation be selected to work with children in my workplace. In the work context they continue to exhibit the extremely high level of professionalism that I have come to expect from them.

– V.C.

 Psychologist and Mother


High Quality Care and Outcomes

We greatly enjoy working so closely with the team of Speech Pathologists at All Communication Matters. Their commitment to their clients extends into communicating around goals, strategies for carryover and progress made to ensure high quality care and outcomes. They strive for excellence in all they do.

– Celeste Riach
Director / Occupational Therapist


Firm but Fair while Incorporating Fun

We have been seeing Laura weekly for the past 2 years after changing to All Communication Matters from another service. Laura has a great way with kids, always firm but fair and manages to incorporate fun into therapy as well! Laura sets realistic goals for my daughter with a positive attitude while encouraging her to achieve her best. Couldn't be happier.

– Lucinda-Parent


Continually Seeing Progress

Thanks to the team at All Communication Matters Speech. Every session is fun and I continually see the progress in my child. Thank you for ongoing support.



 Specific Teachings

It has made a great difference to both my son and myself to see how far he has come in his understanding of the world. With assistence from (All Communication Matters) it was discovered that he suffreed from 'delayed audio response' and with one on one education and specific teachings, he is now able to correctly assimilate information for his age group, and himself.



Friendly Nature while Looking to Extend Skills

Kaycee has worked with Emily for over 3 years. She has seen the best and worst in her, but is always looking to extend and get the very best out of Emily. Kaycee's friendly nature means that (she) is able to relate to Emily, whilst she is firm enough to ensure Emily continues to improve.



Excellent Communication with Parents and Schools

Our Speech Pathologist works extremely with children. Excellent communication with parents and schools to ensure everyone has clear directions. Regular assessment(s) are attended to show improvements and identify areas of improvements. We have been clients for 18 months and will definately continue. Thank you.

-Michelle- Parent



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