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About Us

Natalie Hill, founder of All Communication Matters Speech Pathology, has extensive experience in procedures and practises from both Australia and United Kingdom. She created All Communication Matters in 2005 after working in all types of Speech Pathology service delivery models including Community Health, Private Practice, Hospital- both acute and rehabilitation with inpatients and outpatients, Mental Health Services, and Teaching Centers with both Paediatric and Adult caseloads. From these experiences, Natalie wanted to create the ideal Speech Pathology service that was flexible, innovative and offered highly skilled Speech Pathology clinicians that continued training in the newest and researched intervention approaches. Most importantly, Natalie wanted to create a service in which people felt comfortable and listened too and to ensure the practice policies were in line with clients needs.

All Communication Matters Speech Pathology prides itself on creating ideal Speech Pathology services. At our centre people of all age groups, in either individual or group settings, within the clinic or at school/preschools/daycares or residential/care homes, are seen by a member of the All Communication Matters Speech Pathology Team.  Our Speech Pathologists have received extensive extra in house training in the assessment and intervention techniques that All Communication Matters Speech Pathology offer our clients.

All Communication Matters Speech Pathology provide:

  • All stages of the assessment, diagnosis and intervention on a comprehensive range of communication and swallowing difficulties
  • Clinical experience in working with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Clinical experience in training parents in Early Language Intervention using the Hanen Program 'It Takes Two to Talk'
  • Clinical experience in Voicecraft techniques for people with voice difficulties
  • Clinical experience in the management of all types of swallowing difficulties including aged care and mental health
  • Group and individual intervention
  • Intensive School Holiday Programs such as Prep for Kindy and Literacy Groups
  • Most recent information on communication and swallowing and use the most up to date resources
  • Information and services that may be relevant for a medical practice, your child, your business or yourself as we are advocates for community spirit

We look forward to working with you in the future!

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