• Chatswood Speech Specialists


    Communication is at the heart of every social interaction. We offer dynamic, flexible, and individualised child centered interventions.


  • HHornsby Communication Therapists


    We hear, we listen, we help. We provide innovative and dynamic programs for adults to help enhance their communication skills.


  • Erina Voice Pathology


    Solid communication skills are fundamental to academic success. Working wholistically we ensure communication goals positively help a child in all of their learning environments.


  • Chatswoon Communication Development Specialists


    Communicating with your child is a key to a happy & healthy family. Our programs are family centered and we guide and support families in achieving their child’s goals.


  • Erina Speech & Social Skills


    Social skills are not innate, they are learned. We provide fun and interactive Social Skills Groups for children to help form friendships with peers.


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Because All Communication Matters

All Communication Matters Speech Pathology is an award winning private practice that has been established since 2005. Our team of highly trained and experienced Speech Pathologists see children and adults across three fantastic locations. We provide comprehensive assessments and intervention plans for all types of language, speech, voice, fluency, social skills, literacy, and swallowing difficulties.

We provide advice to schools and child care centres on child communication development and work closely with businesses to enhance employee’s customer service skills. Our continual in house and extra professional development training ensures we are able to provide the latest and most researched assessment and intervention techniques to our clients. We believe in realistic, measurable, and multimodal approaches to help children and adults optimise their communication and swallowing skills.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at All Communication Matters Speech Pathology is to provide a flexible and innovative Speech Pathology Service which enables people of all ages, and across all types of settings, to develop and enhance their communication and swallowing skills.

We can provide School, Home, Clinic, Nursing Home, Hospital and Corporate visits!


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